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4-year American High School

SIFC High School comprises grades 9 to 12 (ages 14 to 18) and offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum designed to prepare students for high school graduation and entrance into university/college education. 
The high school curriculum provides students with a broad exposure to the core academic disciplines and elective courses. Elective course areas include a diverse program of visual and performing arts, music, IT, 2nd Foreign Language, AP level courses, and other elective interest areas. Upon completion of the required graduation credits, students are awarded a US high school diploma recognized around the world. 
The first two years of high school (grades 9 and 10) equip students with a strong foundation of academic content and skills in preparation for their final two years of study. In the final two years of study (grades 11 and 12) all students work within the AP/SAT curricula in their core academic studies. AP courses are academically challenging and require sustained study and perseverance. In addition to earning credits with SIFC for each successful year of study, AP courses prepare students for external, worldwide examinations given in May each year. SIFC has an active guidance and counseling program that is provided by two full-time high school counselors with one accredited by UCLA. Each student is part of a counseling group within which they participate in college prep workshops. High school students are encouraged to take a full range of courses in the academic program, and to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as student union, community service groups, recreational clubs, and competitive sports activities. 

Entry Level

- Graduates from junior middle school

- Students who have finished year 2 in junior middle school


About the Program

"AP"- "Advanced Placement", this is a 4-year high school courseand the program is based on the US high school style, and is designed for students who have strong interests to study in the US.

AP is also known as great complement to students for applying US University, as it provides motivation and academically preparation for students with the opportunity to earn college credit or placement and helps them stand out in the college admissions process.

AP is widely accepted by more than 3,600 colleges and universities worldwide for college credit, advanced placement, or both on the basis of successful AP Exam grades. This includes over 90 percent of four-year institutions in the United Statestherefore it is a competitive course especially for students who would like to study in the US.


Program Duration:

This program runs for four academic years (September to June)



First to Fourth Year: 100% English teaching. 


Core units:

Academic English, General English, Physics, Mathematics, AP Microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, AP calculus AB, AP Physics B, AP Physics C mechanics, AP American History , SAT, TOEFL, college entrance guidance, research study and all high school compulsory subjects.


After the Program:

After four years study, student who has successfully completed the program, they will receive an official US accredited high school diploma from Alger Independence High School, a private high school in Washington, U.S.A.


Entry Requirements:

- All students must attend our English, Physics and Mathematics entry examinations;

-Junior Middle School Certificate and Score

- Students with high school Mathematics, Physics and English transcript (average score is 80 or above)