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The First Lesson of 2017-2018 Academic Year

Crossing fire、Qing DI QuanEscapingthe 100-meter barrierQuagmire DevilChallenge of overwater…… This is the real scene of the survival challenge of 104 SIFC students. From 29th August to 6th September, before the beginning of school, part of SIFC students like the special soldiers

 “The survival challenge”  tailored for international students. Giving fully consideration to the special needs of students, the training was launched through education for life, education for living and education for survival. It also aimed to use the power of education to let students know how to cherish life, , and understand life,.

Expansion Base: Sandalwood Island (Formerly: Pearl Island) in Dongguan City: Tourism Leisure Farm at Shijie Sandalwood Island in Dongguan City. It is located in Dongjiang North Branch Island Shayao Village Shijie Town Dongguan City Guangdong province and covered an area more than 600 acres of mountain scenery.

Our students, under the guidance of the special training officers, carried out a series of intensively training, and fully experienced how to seek joy amidst sorrow. We believed that students have been promoted in all aspects through this activity.

Be a person who is activededicated and responsible

Be a person who is honestexotericadventurous and confident

Be a person who is promissoryparticipant and dare to face challenges

Be a person who is willing to givededicatedsharegrateful and executive

Be a person who has objectplanstepmethodefficiency

Be a person who is good at managing and adjusting his emotions