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Mock Job Fair

In the class of SIFC high school English 2, an interesting mock job fair was held, combining with the current unit-topic --- Living for Work. English Department in SIFC organized this activity.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning enables students to observe, think and share through well-designed activities, games and situations. It helps students to gain new feelings and knowledge about themselves, other people and environment, as well as to apply them to real life.

Traditional English lessons focus on the application of language and grammar. So we hope that students can have a lively and interesting way to learn English, in which they can deepen the knowledge and understanding of memory. Thus, students can learn, make progress and feel the charm of knowledge through these experiences.

List of Winners

Best Employer: Kenny Du, Zed Liu

Best Interviewee: Justin Li, Sherry Li

Excellent Participant: Alyson Lin, Arther Shen, Sirius Hu, Lief Zheng, Lily Cao, Owen Zhang