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2017 The Fifth Voice of SIFC at Halloween Night

Celebrating Halloween is one of the most popular activities in SIFC. On 30th October, 2017 the Fifth Voice of SIFC was held in the school at this special and ceremonious Halloween night.

Let us have a look, how is going in this special festive at SIFC?

Photo area: Scenes for Halloween

Booth: Funny games and tasty food

People: Well-dressed guests

The small stage carries the great musical dreams of students. We invited all teachers, students and their parents to witness this exciting moment together.

The judges in the Voice of SIFC

Head of School-Craig McLarenAmanniaWinsonChelsea

The opening showsC'est La Vie

Host: JordanWill

First of all, three singers from the middle school will perform.



Eason& Carl

There is a break time after the middle school singers finished.  During this time, our MST Club will bring hip-pop dance show. The high school singers will show up after hip-pop dance show.






Weijie & Stella

The top three highest score singers of six players will be selected. The interesting magic show and Pumpkin Nightmarefrom dancing club are performed.

Three singers who named XuanLeifWeijie entered the final competition.

Awards announced

The Most popular Singer


Middle School

First Place Katie

Second Place Eason

Third Place Nancy

High School

First PlaceXuan

Second PlaceLeif

Third Place:Weijie

Finally, a group photo of all contestants and awards guests was taken.

The Fifth Voice of SIFC at Halloween Night ended perfectly.

Our Halloween party started!