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Kuku Chai International Youth Art Exhibition 2018

Featuring 6 prominent international schools within the city of Shenzhen, the Kuku Chai International Youth Art Exhibition is a group show featuring foreign and international students of all ages 7-18. Students from Shenzhen International Foundation College reinterpreted Chinese traditional culture with their own unique ideas, showing a magnificent visual feast for visitors. Two of our students’ artwork were selected as the top art pieces shown in the exhibition.

SIFC has always attached great importance to the art course. The aim for the art department at SIFC is to cultivate students' ability to appreciate art and find good things around them. Students can learn architecture, sculpture, painting and other media to convey the artistic form from various cultural backgrounds.


As part of the Kuku Chai Bukuk Youth Art Competition, the Middle School Art II group combined their talents and abilities during a collaboration project under the guidance of their art teacher, Ms Lara Carlini. Each student had to work on their own art piece, based on the artist Kuku Chai's themes as well as traditional Chinese art compositions. This included landscape details, animals, architecture and many more. As each student progressed, they were placed in groups and decided among themselves which of the art pieces they would like to complete in colour ink, watercolour and acrylic paint. While some concentrated on details and refining their compositions, some jumped at the opportunity to prep a (very) large foam board as the main canvas of their art piece. Lots of paint, ink, spills, splashes and critical thinking later, the group had to cut their smaller art pieces out and glue it onto the main canvas while building up a completely new composition as they went along. The focus was to keep the vibrancy and pictorial qualities seen in Kuku Chai's artworks alive while giving their collaboration piece its own voice. In the end the group proudly walked away with a prize they were awarded with by the gallery the piece was exhibited at in SeaWorld. Well done Art II!


Siren (Yelei Liu) is a Grade 11 student studying AP Art Studio Drawing Portfolio with teacher Ms Lynsey Reeves. Siren worked extremely hard on her art piece based on the work of artist Ku Ku Chai. Siren utilized all of the artistic techniques of mark making and experimental drawing to produce a beautiful painting which won an award for top art piece at the exhibition. Siren combined the elements of traditional Chinese painting and ideas with a contemporary and more expressive style of western art. Siren is an outstanding student who worked outside of class times and during her lunch periods to complete this work. Siren is continuing to study next year at SIFC working on building an outstanding art portfolio and is planning in the near future to apply for a university placement to study art.