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1. What is SIFC’s outstanding characteristic?

SIFC is a renowned international school providing authentic American education. Students in SIFC will learn both the cutting-edge cultural ideas and Chinese traditional culture to develop into a well nurtured individual. The middle school adopts the idea of “optional courses, small class size, and level-based teaching”, while the high school adopts “credit, optional courses, and counsellor system”. Mental and physical development is also one of the top concerns of SIFC in building students’ perfect personality.

2. How is SIFC’s faculty?

The teacher-student ratio in SIFC steadily stays at 1:5. All the teachers are certified. Foreign teachers with Foreign Expert Certificate issued by Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs come from more than ten English-speaking countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Ireland, France, and so on. The average age of teachers is 35, while the average school age is 5 years. Five percent of our teachers has a doctorate, 45 percent owns a master’s degree, while the rest are all with bachelor’s degrees.

3. Daily Schedule for Students in SIFC

  Boarding Students                     No-boarding Students                           

  Getting up07:00                         Arriving at School0800

  Moring Exercise07:30                  Morning Study08:00-08:20

  Morning Study08:00-08:20        Classes08:3012:00

  Classes08:3012:00                   Lunch Break12:0013:00

  Lunch Break12:0013:00           Classes13:0016:20

  Classes13:0016:20                   Club Activity16:30——18:00

  Club Activity16:30——18:00            

  Evening Study1850——20:50


4. What courses does SIFC provide?

SIFC adopts the course system of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from the United States. Grade 6 to 8 in middle school adopt “optional courses and level-based teaching” with literature, reading, writing, listening & speaking courses of four difficulty levels for students with different English proficiency. Grade 9 to 12 in high school adopt credit, optional courses, and counselor system” with a total 54 credits requirement, as well as a requirement of TOEFL score higher than 80 points.

5. How is SIFC’s extra-curriculum activity?

SIFC provides extra-curriculum club activities for all students from Monday to Thursday. Usually all clubs have two times of activities. The 30 or so clubs include Design, Painting, Photography, 3D Animation, Cartoon, Chorus, Drama, Hip-Hop in Arts Group; Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ping-Pong, Badminton, Tennis in P.E. Group; Programming, Robot in Science and Technology Group; Volunteering, Animal Protection in General Group. Most of the activities in SIFC are free. Some off-campus activities may charge a small amount of fees that will be displayed publicly.

6. Are students required to wear school uniform?

School uniform is a special icon of SIFC, which reflects the attitude and state of our students. All students in SIFC are required to wear school uniform from Monday to Thursday. Once admitted, students are supposed to buy school uniforms for summer, autumn, and sports. You can click School Uniform for further information. Only students with school uniform are allowed to enter classroom. SIFC has strict rules with students’ appearance, including school uniform, accessories, shoes and hair style.

The beginning of autumn and spring semester are the time to buy school uniform every year.

7. What is SIFC’s Rules and Regulations?

SIFC has clear written Rules and Regulations. Right at the beginning of each spring and autumn festival, students are required to read school Rules and Regulations to develop their sense of discipline, morality and responsibility. School Rules and Regulations is effective for the whole school year, covering code of conduct, school uniform regulations and homework regulations, etc.

8. Does SIFC provide school bus service?

Currently there is no school bus service. But boarding service is available.

9. Does SIFC provide food? How much does the food cost?

Campus Canteen provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students can put money in their e-card to buy food. Breakfast is served from 7:00-8:30 in the morning, including soybean milk, porridge, egg, Baozi, rice noodle roll, cake, and so forth, with a price between 5 to 8 RMB. Lunch is served from 12:00-12;30 at noon, including more than 20 dishes to choose, with a price between 8 to 20 RMB. Dinner is served from 17:00-18:00, including more than 10 dishes to choose, with a price between 8 to 20 RMB.

10. What is the size of a class/grade?

For middle school, each grade has two classes, with about 20 students a class. For high school, there are 40-50 students in a grade. There are in total 73 courses including both compulsory and selective ones. The average class size for a course is about 15 students.

11. Can SIFC guarantee my child going to college?

SIFC provides American high school courses for our students. After getting all the required credits, students can get American high school graduation certificate. SIFC also has a professional college counselling center responsible for guiding students apply for colleges. The final application result depends on student’s own devotion, efforts, and gift.

12. Does SIFC hold parents’ meeting? How do teachers communicate with parents about students’ performance?

SIFC holds two parents’ meeting every semester. Every student in our school has a counselor. Parents can choose to communicate with counselors through Wechat or other ways on students’ issues.

13. Does SIFC teach other languages besides English?

Chinese in SIFC is a compulsory subject. Every week, both middle and high school students will have about 4-5 Chinese classes. Students of and above Grade 7 can also choose to learn Spanish and French.