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Chinese Courses (Grade 6-11)

As a renowned international school, SIFC always view Chinese courses as its top concern. Students in SIFC are supposed to learn the cutting-edge culture abroad and inherit the essence of Chinese traditional culture. SIFC graduates abroad are expected to work as an “envoy of Chinese culture”.

SIFC incorporates Chinese culture and the spirit of 21st century into daily life. The compulsory and core Chinese culture courses include Chinese, Chinese History, Philosophy, Arts, and so forth. Classic courses like Tea Culture, Reading, Taiji, and Chinese Drama are students’ favorites. The book The Essence of Chinese Culture, edited by Mr. Fu Tengxiao and co-authored by a group of experts from Shenzhen University Normal College, is a fruit of SIFC’s organizing work that attracts great public attention.

The book covers the period from the pre-Qin period to modern times, with content of articles, history, philosophy, classics, calligraphy and painting.