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Arts and Music

Arts and Music courses here in SIFC aims at providing comprehensive education that develops students’ Art appreciation ability and the ability of finding out beauty around.

SIFC provides abundant compulsory and optional Arts courses:

Art Appreciation and Studio Art

Painting and Coloring course in Studio Art gives students the chance to find out, learn, and complete their knowledge and skills of coloring.

Graphic Design

Emphasizing on setting, brand, layout design, package design and graphic design, it covers:

Printing--shape anatomy, layout psychology

Brand--icon, name card, T-shirt design

Setting--Concert poster, magazine publicity

Package Design--food product

Graphic Design—school/career

Assembly—digit and printing

Digital Photography

Students will learn the working principle of digital camera, history of photography, fundamental editing knowledge in Photoshop, and career selection of photography. Students will also learn how to analyze photos and distinguish the differences between snapshot and art photography:

Scenery photography


Action photography

Documentary photography


2D & 3D Animation

The course focuses on 3D space, 2D & 3D Animation. Students will learn to use animation software such as Autodesk Maya,AdobeFlash,Adobe Premiere, etc.:

2D animation—timing and circulation

3D design—creating objects and figures

3D animation--timing and circulation, movement of camera 

Music Appreciation

The course explores students’ understanding and appreciation of music through abundant musical pieces from different periods (such as folk music, classic music, pop music, religious music, country music, and original music, etc.), and further teaches students to experience, appreciate and enjoy music.

Vocal Music

The course teaches students both Chinese and Western musical works. Through training like body language, verbal language, bel canto, popular style, and folk style, the course develops students’ confidence in music. Abundant musical works (Chinese, Italian, English songs) also give students the chance to understand the vocal music culture of different countries, and improve their understanding of music.

Chinese Opera

The course teaches the basic knowledge of Chinese Opera, and shows the beauty of comprehensiveness, form, and implication of Chinese Opera Art to students through renowned Peking Opera selections. Various elements such as singing, performing, reading, acting, gesture, posture, costume, setting, and so forth will also be experienced in class. Through the study of Chinese Opera, students learn the essence of “valuing good qualities while fighting against the bad ones” in Chinese culture.