SIFC Rewards Success in Writing

Chinese Writing Committee

At SIFC we want to recognize the success of all of our students, both in and out of the classroom. March 11, 2019 is a memorable day because our Chinese Writing Committee received approval from the school that it was established. At our regular fortnightly assembly this week we recognized those students who have been successful in Chinese writing and calligraphy from across all of the school, as well as the other achievements of our students.  



▲SIFC First Chinese Writing Committee President and Director took photos together SIFC


▲ Awards for the most improved students and the highest overall performance 

SIFC recognizes that Chinese langue skills are essential for students studying in China. This week we appointed students to our Chinese Writing Committee to act as President and Directors of the group.  Our Chinese language teachers then helped select which pieces of writing and calligraphy would be put on display around the Chinese classroom as inspiration to the other students.


▲Students' calligraphy


The Chinese Writing Committee of SIFC was initiated by the Chinese Department,  and established after the approval of SIFC President Fu Tengxiao, the head of High School: Dr. Mark, and the School Supervisor: Peter. The Writing Committee is guided by the essence of Chinese culture. It adopts the president and ministerial responsibility system, including the writing and creation of the whole school. We collect excellent works from students every week, and review, modify and publish their works.


Recognizing achievement is an important part of building school spirit, but so too is the recognition of those students who are always working hard to improve. Getting students into the right university takes time and at SIFC that process begins with the hard work of our teachers and students from the moment they enter the school.



▲ Chinese classroom


If you are fond of literature, or Chinese writing, if you would like to practice, if you have creativity and imagination, you are welcomed to be a member of our writing committee family. We record life in words; we share happiness in words; we pass the love with paper and pen, and we practice our faith with action in the committee.


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