STEM Fair is open to every child who loves science!


STEM Fair is open to every child who loves science!






SIFC STEM day was divided into two sessions: morning session and afternoon. Four tasks were set to challenge our students' skills of problem solving, team work, and creative thinking. All of them were held in gym. Each activity lasted between 45 and 75 minutes.


The four competitions were:

Volleyball machine challenge

Toothpick bridge challenge

Egg drop challenge

Tape dispenser challenge


One teacher was the judge at his/her assigned station during each competition. One student from the Student Union was his/her assistant. The teacher was in charge of supervising each team’s activities, and to give a score to the team at the end of each competition based on the criteria given ahead of time.




At the end of all competitions, team members, teacher and Student Union member voted for their team's “STEM MVP”. Also we had “BEST STEM TEAM” awards for the top three teams.



Volleyball Machine Challenge



1. Only use items listed in the Materials section.

2. Build two machines (one for each side of the net). The machines can be different from each other.

3. Both machines must be freestanding. They cannot be taped to the ground or supported by a person. Launch the ball over the net. If the ball does not make it over the net, try again。 

4. Start counting how many times the ball goes over the net and is caught.


Toothpick Bridge Challenge



Bridges have been around since the first tree fell across a stream providing access across. Modern day bridges are important civil engineering structures, but students should understand how they have evolved durring the civilizations before us, as well as the applications of art, architecture, engineering, science, and mathematics that are used to reshape our environment and improve transportation.
The design and construction of any item requires critical thinking and invaluable problem solving processes. The activities provided here include hands-on experiences, collaborative problem solving and an integrated approach to STEM, the process of scientific investigation and literacy skills.

Students can only use the toothpick and hot glue gun to build a bridge. To increase the strength, we require they calculate the cost efficient. After discussion and testing, students they made their own bridges.  


Egg Drop Challenge


640 (1).gif 640 (2).gif



Design a system to prevent the egg from cracking or breaking after a second floor fall.


Each group received a package of paper straws, six balloons, two plastic bags, masking tape and one egg.

The group had to design a system to prevent the egg from cracking or breaking after a second floor fall in the school's gym area.

The design should include only some of the materials and not all of them and the group should pick only one option as follows:

Option 1: Use only paper straws and masking tape (20 Points)

Option 2: Use only the plastic bags, string and masking tape (15 Points)

Option 3: Use only five (5) balloons, string and masking tape (10 Points)


Tape Dispenser Challenge


Goal:“Build a tape dispenser that makes it possible to remove tape from the roll and apply it using only one hand.”


The desktop tape dispenser is found everywhere, but it’s not the only solution for making it easy to dispense tape. Redesign and improve the existing tape dispenser, looking to make it work more easily.


1. Show students the collection of materials available for their designs.

2. Have students brainstorm various design ideas and sketch out their best solution.

3. Have each team use their sketch to build a prototype and test it out. Have them improve their design and retest as needed, until they believe they have the best possible solution. 

4. Have each team remove pieces of tape, each about ~5cm long, within 2 minutes by using only one hand.

Congratulations to the BEST STEM Team and MVPs!

640 (3).gif


First Place Team 

Team 1

G6  Effie You 游恩惠

G8  Nelson Zheng 郑战

G8 SteveZhang 张舜尧

G9 Jason Zhu 朱宗瀚

G10 Monroe Liu  刘梦露

G12 Cisum Huang 黄雨恬


Second Place Team 

Team 8

G7 Crystal Lu 卢心澂

G8 Hermione Gou 苟安琪

G9 Sheryl Zhang 张欣然

G10  AngelWan 万芷安

G12 Rin Wan 万美伶


Third Place Team 

Team 13

G8 Alice Huang 黄煊雅

G8 Michael Zheng 郑研

G10 Cindy Zhang 张欣悦

G12 KyleHuang 黄彦钜

G12 Christine Yuan 袁焕



G9 Jason Zhu 朱宗瀚

G10 Cynthia Jiang 姜欣钰

G10 Rebecca Li 李樊筱玉

G7 Katie Zhang 张梦湲

G8 Allen Wang 王鼎希

G12 Michael 傅俊逸

G10 Easton Juan 简震浩

G12 Rin Wan 万美伶

G12 Tommy Li 李崎逾

G8 Jerry Tian 田振辰

G9 John Jiang 蒋乐

G12 Kyle Huang黃彦钜




STEM brings us lots of fun!

Participating in STEM Fairs can increase students' interest in science and reinforce their understanding of science. STEM Fairs not only gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and problem-solving skills they learned in daily life, but also greatly foster students' hands-on ability and creative thinking skills. At the same time, it also provides a platform for everyone to learn from each other. I hope you can apply STEM results in your future study and life and be aware of the importance of STEM in your future career. Look forward to more and better creative displays at the STEM Fair next year! 


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