SIFC Students Achieved Success in International Competition CEMC

SIFC always encourage students to take part ina variety of academic international competitions and provide professional guidance to students. The benefits of participating in the competitions are not only to increase students' core competence, and give an edge to college application, but to provide opportunities forstudents to show and assess their academic ability. Meanwhile, it also is an extension of student interests, which arouses students' enthusiasm for learning and expandstheir vision.


The University of Waterloo International Mathematical Competition


 is a full-scale math competition 

aimed at teenagers

It is not only popular in theworld

but also the founder of all kinds of mathematical competitions

 It is also known as 

one of the twoworld-class 

mathematical competitions 

along with the Olympic Math Competition


17 Students Participated

This is the third year for SIFC students to participate in the University of Waterloo International Mathematics Competition. A total of 17 students participated in the Pascal, Cayley andFermat competitions. Compared with last year, the number of participants in this year has tripled, and more students from lower grades were also in the competition and achieved excellent results.Students: Raymond Feng (Grade 9),Will Li, Mason Su, Monroe Liu (Grade 10) and Kenny Du (Grade 11) advanced intothe top 25% in the world with excellent performance(against 61,984 candidatesin total).

Other good news is that, in the latest SAT10 diagnostic test, SIFC high school math levelis above the average American high school students' Math level! So Math is notto be feared for SIFC students.




The coach of this competition, Lilian, says: 


Mathematicsis a subject that combines language, art and science. Learning mathematics is aprocess of continuous creation and exploration. Taking part in Waterloo math competition can broaden students' horizons and enlarge their vision of learning. The competition is not so much to achieve better results, but to enjoy the process of dedication, and compete with friends all over the world! Finally, I want to mention a quote from the mathematician Gauss: “what gives methe most happiness is not knowing the knowledge, but learning constantly; not the existing things, but the non-stopping acquisition; not the height climbed,but the continuous climbing”. I hope that next year I will stand on the stage with more of my students!


The University of Waterloo International Mathematical Competition is a full-scale math competition covering Grades 7 to 12. It is the official Canadian mathematics competition for high school students all over the world.

It has a wide range of influences internationally. It ishosted by the Canadian Center for Mathematics and Computer Education (CEMC), the Department of Mathematics at Waterloo University, the largest mathematics college in the world. The CEMC develops and administers many internationally recognized contests to help to inspire the next generation of students to develop an interest in and love for mathematics and computer science. Interested students should ask their math teachers about these contests.

Different from other international competitions, it is not only to examine the students' level of dedication and mathematics, but also to pay more attention to the improvement of students' interest in learning. The competition is an adaptive test, where 25% of the competition topics are extremely challenging.


All kinds of competitions provide a good platform for students to broaden their horizons and demonstrate their ownabilities. The Waterloo Mathematical Competition is a full English test. It mainly examines students' ability of comprehensive judgment, logical thinking ability and problem solving skills. Under the leadership of the teachers,students took the tactics of “language clearance, tackling the model, and focusing on breakthroughs” to face the challenge. I hope that the students will gain their own growth in the competition. I would like to thank the teachers who organized the competition and conducted pre-match coaching for the students.

We are proud of what our students achieved this year andwe hope that more students will participate in the Waterloo Mathematical Competition next year!


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