SIFC students visited BYD, dreaming about the future city

SIFC students visited BYD

dreaming about the future city of Shenzhen


We saw a cool short video at the beginning of the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival gala live show. Even though it was only few minutes long, millions of people were shocked by the science fiction blockbuster: In a glittering city, two train travelled out of the air, which was really like the description of city in the future. The video was taken in BYD’s global headquarters in Shenzhen, which was hailed by the China Daily as a "new energy world".

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It was a surprise to see the imaginary future city from the stage and more surprises came when students knew that they had the opportunity to get closer to visit China's great innovative company, BYD Co. Ltd. In April, students in our Science class punched in at the global headquarter of BYD, led by the Science teachers. They had wonderful experience by taking the Cloud Track, and felt the charm of cutting-edge technology.


BYD Company history and achievements


Stepping into BYD's headquarter in Pingshan District of Shenzhen, all of the students saw there were busy people in the industrial park. There were also several popular car models on the sidewalk. Besides, many visitors including other companies and government officers came to visit BYD. Along the way, students felt the climate of this advanced enterprise that is a leader of China's new energy vehicles industry.




BYD staff introduced the history, departments and planning of the company to us. Students learned that BYD is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the aim that "technology innovation, satisfaction of people yearning for a better life". After more than 20 years of rocketing development, BYD has set up more than 30 industrial parks around the world. They have created businesses covering electronics, automobiles, new energies and rail transportation and other fields, from energy acquisition, storage, to the application of comprehensive building of zero discharge of new energy solutions for enterprises.





We followed the staff to BYD's “Hexagonal Building” exhibition hall to visit BYD's new models and independent research and development of related spare parts. At the same time, we also learned about BYD's development layout and planning in electronics, new energy, rail transit and other industries.

First-hand experience on BYD’s ‘cloud track’



The "cloud track" and "cloud bus" of the BYD rail transportation industry received special attention from the students. After the visit of the exhibition hall, the students came to the BYD rail transit platform and took the ‘cloud track’, which is a strategic solution for the current congestion problems. “Cloud Track” and “cloud bus” are laid out in an elevated manner and do not occupy right-of-way. They can be perfectly connected with other public transportation systems such as subway and buses. Students commented on the “Low noise, comfortable ride, and beautiful scenery, what a wonderful experience!”  


  “Cloud track” can be easily understood as an electric bus flying on an elevated line. The "cloud track" is powered by rails and equipped with iron batteries, but the iron batteries are only used for emergency after the power failure of the rails, and they are not used at all. The “cloud bar” is different. It is the same as the new energy bus we are riding, and it is powered by battery.

"Using new hybrid vehicles to control pollution and using rail transit to reduce the traffic congestion" is BYD's "green travel” dream. Today, this dream is being realized step by step. After a few hours of experience, the students saw BYD's cloud track and cloud bus, and turned the imagination into reality. With eyes wide open, students were all impressed by BYD's superb technology and innovative ideas.

BYD’s “China Program” has shown the world the future of urban construction. There is more to be expected. Students who are still studying on campus, do you feel closer to your dreams.



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