Interesting science class in SIFC


Interesting science class in SIFC


Science education at SIFC always aims to create a student-centred and activity-based environment, to inspire students to learn how to do experiments, how to communicate and collaborate with others and how to learn from daily life. The process of learning is enjoyable and also fruitful.




During the past two weeks, the students  investigated  two different fields: one was to test the difference in the concentration of carbon dioxide in our exhaled air before and after exercise; and the other was to apply the compression of air and the concept of density to make or create their own Cartesian diver.


Students were very engaged in such fun activities, which helped them to learn through doing-and-observing experiences. Abstract concept were presented in the results of their experiments. Meanwhile students were not limited to just following instructions which were critical in the beginning. They were allowed to explore new ideas, to try and fail and to create something different.


All such practices in teaching in middle school science classes are aimed to make them feel happy while learning with the ultimate goal to turn them into self-learners.



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