A Tour to Komodo National Park

A Tour to Komodo National Park


During the week without walls at SIFC, a group of nineteen students from G9-11 accompanied by Physics teacher Lilian and Biology teacher Isaac departed from the city of Shenzhen heading to the great Archipelago of Indonesia with the final destination the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO world heritage place, only home of the great Komodo Dragon.


From the moment we departed, everyone was very excited about the trip and about all the adventures that were awaiting us on such an incredible journey that once was only part of our dreams.




The first thing we did as soon as we arrived to the Island of Flores was visit an amazing cave formed by the action of millions of years of volcanic activity and home of beautiful bats.



Before going to our hotel, we went hiking the famous Amelia Mountain to watch a beautiful sunset that would promise to us that our journey was going to be something to remember.



After spending the first night being in touch with the beach and exploring what the land has to offer, the group was ready to wake up very early in the morning to join the Komodo Speed Boat’s crew into what was going to be one of the most spectacular days of our lives.

Our first stop early that day was Bada Island, an astonishing piece of natural engineering that offered us the most unbelievable landscapes and the most unforgettable scenery we will ever have with a magnificent White Eagle flying above us. It was a little bit difficult to climb up that hill but we all agreed that it was absolutely worth it!





Enough time we spent on that beautiful place and around 9am we headed to another natural beauty that was going to take our breath away: The Pink Beach, a natural red coral formation that mixes with the white sand and gives this piece of land a unique color that will steal the attention of anyone that visits the island.




Finally, the moment had come, the moment all of us had been waiting for, the Komodo National Park, a place we had only been able to see on documentaries was now in front of our eyes and we were about to step into its mysterious ground.

As soon as we arrived, wildlife started to appear as if it was a fairy island, Timor Deer and Wild Boars welcomed us and they were just the opening for what we were expecting to observe: The Great Komodo Dragon! An astonishing animal that we were very lucky to see, on the wild, free and natural as all wildlife should be.



We said good bye to the park with a great Dragon crossing our students way and with the sadness that we had to leave such an amazing place, but fortunately for us, that was not the end of our trip, we still had the incredible chance of exploring the ocean and all the Marine Wildlife the archipelago had to offer and that we were extremely lucky to admire.





But our trip was not only about exploring wildlife, we had the unique chance of exploring the regular life of local people and to take part on their culture and traditions and get involved into some of their dances and to eat their food and to drink their beverages and feel part of this incredible culture Indonesia has to offer.




We had the most unbelievable experience and we could only think that time is never enough for this kind of trips and that we just wanted to enjoy what we had and we are sure that this trip will always be remembered by our students and this experience will remain with us forever. 


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