The First Lesson of the Semester

Back-to-school Season

SIFC has moved forward to a new academic year. Many new students joined SIFC this year, including friends from Germany and Russia. Our new SIFCers are happy here. There are a group of international educators striving for student development. SIFC firmly believes that learning is a never-ending process, and teachers must set an example for students and be a lifelong learners themselves.

This year, we have some new teachers who have rich experience in international schools. They are professional, full of enthusiasm and student-centered. It will be very enjoyable to talk to them. SIFC pays close attention to the teaching skills of teachers. All teachers returned to school.

The best schools in the world regard teaching as priority. So do we. We are determined that all students, regardless of their educational background, could be challenged, supported and encouraged in SIFC. Our focus: developing student potential and ensuring that their experiences at school can lead them to success.




Registration Day



Here comes another school year. On August 18th, a large number of high school freshmen officially started their journey at SIFC. With curiosity, excitement and expectation, they will strive to be a better self in the future.

The First Class




In the first assembly, SIFC introduced House system to all teachers and students and started the first day in class.

SIFC has 4 Houses in total. Each House will have its own animal mascot, House characteristic, House motto and colour. Each of the Houses is led by a student from Grade 11 providing them with the opportunity to experience real leadership skills with the guidance of a member of the SIFC teaching staff. For the younger students, there are lots of opportunities for teamwork as they take part in activities such as House music and dance and other challenging competitions.

The new students are allocated their Houses at a special ‘sorting ceremony’ so there is lots of excitement as the students wait to hear what House they will be part of. We wonder which House will win the House cup this year.



Have you read Malory Towers and Tom Brown's Schooldays ?

Do you know the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter?

These are where you can learn about House






Why House system

The aims of the House system are as follows:

 To foster a collaborative environment within the school community

To develop a spirit of cooperation and unity within the school community

To develop leaders among students within the school community

To reinforce the distinctive ethos of the school community thereby enhancing its attractiveness

To develop the character development as outcomes within the House system

To provide community service opportunities

To encourage and reward positive behavior


The significance of House system

The House system allows students to take on some positions, such as campus ambassadors, House leaders etc., to develop their leadership, organizational and communication skills. During this time, students will enhance their self-confidence in a safe and fully supportive environment. They are more willing to try and take risks, eventually to become the best of themselves.

It integrates students from different grades, facilitates cross-disciplinary communication, and integrates different thinking habits to help them develop creative and innovative abilities.

While helping students to improve their self-awareness, their teamwork and leadership skills are also strengthened. Students can show themselves through a variety of House events.

Enhance students' sense of belonging, loyalty, honor, and mutual encouragement.

Allow students from different classes and ages to have more opportunities to get along with each other, so that they can learn to communicate and learn from each other in different groups of students to develop leadership and communication skills.

Jumping out of the horizontal grade division, with a vertical dimension, students of different ages may be assigned to the same House, which is another great platform for them to develop comprehensively.

The activities combine a variety of subjects such as arts and sports and the organization is flexible. As an extension of classroom learning, it satisfies students' diverse learning needs and motivates them to pursue their interests.


Just like in the famous Harry Potter stories, SIFC uses a House system as a way of rewarding positive behavior. The SIFC House system provides the framework for both rewards and sanctions. Beyond this, it is also provides the school with a vertical way of grouping the students from all ages to promote team spirit, comradery, competition as well as school and House pride.



How to get the House Points?

Rewards will be given to students using House Points. Teachers and staff may award up to three house points for work or behavior.

Meeting Expectations: For example: good behavior in class, doing good work in class or as homework, wearing the uniform correctly, speaking in English, fully participating in lessons.

Exceeding Expectations:

For example: going beyond what is expected in terms of good behavior by being an exemplary role model for others. Doing exemplary work in class or as homework. Being a constant role model for speaking in English and wearing the uniform correctly.

Leading and representing SIFC: Representing SIFC or their House in external or internal performances. Leading the House in preparation for events. Leading on a trip or external activity.

Q  Is there other way to get rewards?

Apart from awarding house points for behavior and work house points will also be awarded for house competitions. Sample activities:House Music、House Poetry、House Sports、House Reading Challenge、House Dance、House STEM、House Drama etc.Points would be awarded for 1st 2nd 3rd 4th places. Points from house competitions should add to the excitement of the house challenge.

Only rewards? Any Sanctions?

Of course not. Punishments will be given to students using Sanctions. Sanctions should not be seen as ‘negative house points’ that take away from the house point total.


Students with the highest House point totals will be recognized on a regular basis at fortnightly assemblies. This can be done by Grade level or by House. Overall winners will be recognized at the end of year celebration.

Apart from academic expectations, SIFC also sets high moral standards for its students to achieve.  These standards are called the Moral Code. The SIFC Moral Code is a system of values and principles based on what is right and wrong in our actions and thoughts. At SIFC we aim to develop students of integrity (strong moral character) who have the ability to work hard, to be honest, to show compassion and have respect for themselves, others and the world around them.


1 Diligence

This principle refers to working hard.

·        trying hard to do your best work

·        being resilient and persevering

·        learning from feedback

2 Honesty



This principle refers to being honest

·        following rules and behaving correctly

·        doing what we know to be right

·        copying and plagiarism

·        mobile phone use

·        computer use

3 Compassion

This principle refers to how we treat others

·        treating others fairly

·        helping others at school

·        community service dy

4 Respect

This principle refers to respect towards ourselves, others and the world

·        showing discipline and self-respect

·        respecting others and their property

·        speaking politely and without malice or rudeness

·        respecting the world


This year we will issue The Integrity Award. This award is to recognize those students who regularly meet or exceed the expectations of the SIFC Moral Code. Diligence, Honesty, Compassion and Respect Awards.

Students' Union Change and Recruitment Conference


At the beginning of the school year, we also held the students' union change and recruitment conference for the 2019-2020 school year. Arthur from G11 will be the President of the Student Union and Head of Art and Activity Department, David from G11 will be the Vice-President of the Student Union, Mason from G11 will be the Head of the Secretary Dept. Greg from G11 will be the Executive Dept. Susie from G10 will be the Head of the Publicity Dept.


The SIFC Student Union is an essential part of SIFC. It is the most important bridge which is not only close to our school life, but also connect students with the school. The Student Union will plan different kind of activities every semester to let all members in Student Union have the opportunities to show their individual abilities and value, and explore themselves' potentials. In this way, they can do their best to serve teachers and other students in the school, and make atmosphere of SIFC better and better.



In the new school year, we have high expectations for all students. We sincerely thank parents for their trust and support. In 2019-2020, let us work together to build a promising future for our students.


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