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  • Upcoming Lecture: Art College Application - Portfolio

    Upcoming Lecture: Art College Application - Portfolio

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  • Register: International Education Public Lecture Series at SIFC

    Register: International Education Public Lecture Series at SIFC

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  • AP in SIFC

    One of the requirements of teachers in the United States is to continue growing through participation inprofessional development programs. Among the most prestigious such programs is the AP teacher training workshop, arranged by the College Board, the non-profit organization that publishes the AP exams and the SAT.

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  • Invitation: SIFC Halloween Party 2019

    Secret cult rituals had long been held in the Xili. Believers tested the limits of human beings in various ways. They wanted to blur the lines between life and death and open the chasm between hell and human world.

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  • Exploring Colors in Chemistry Labs

    Chemistry courses in SIFC are designed to train students’ practical skills through series of laboratory experiments. Throughout the whole school year, students will also gain many other experiences along with academic ones. For example, during the first four weeks, students have explored different ways to separate matters from their mixtures.

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  • The Trip to the Hell SIFC Halloween Party 2019

    The SIFC Halloween party was held on October 31st with the theme-The Trip to the Hell SIFC Halloween Party 2019. All the SIFC members experienced different culture, shared great joys.

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  • Registration: Voice of SIFC 2019 Singing Competition in Asia

    Only music can bridge the gapEven though people come from different countrieshave different colored skin and speak different languages.Music connects us across race and blood

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  • The SIFC Chinese Food Festival Opened

    The activities of SIFC Chinese Culture Month were held in September. Chinese Culture Month took Chinese excellent culture as the core, aiming to improve students' cultural cultivation through a series of activities. The core activity of Chinese Culture Month-Chinese Food Festival showed the charm of Chinese culture and further deepened students' sense of national identity by displaying the eight major components of Chinese cuisine and traditional Chinese dance and song.

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  • SIFC Arts Cooperation Center Launching Ceremony

    On September 23rd , SIFC Arts Cooperation Center launching ceremony was held at SIFC. SIFC Arts Cooperation Center is organized by Shenzhen International Foundation College, Repin Academy of Fine Arts and One Belt And One Road · International Artists Union.

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  • The First Lesson of the Semester

    SIFC has moved forward to a new academic year. Many new students joined SIFC this year, including friends from Germany and Russia. Our new SIFCers are happy here. There are a group of international educators striving for student development. SIFC firmly believes that learning is a never-ending process, and teachers must set an example for students and be a lifelong learners themselves.

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