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  • SIFC Mid-term Parent Meeting

    Education is a joint effort between home and school that aims to help children grow and flourish. In order to further enhance the connection between parents and school, and to create a bond between the school and families, teachers and parents, the SIFC mid-term parent meeting was held on November the 16th. Parents came to the campus to have a better understanding of their children's performance at school.

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  • Join Us on Our Happy IPC Learning Journey!

    The Shenzhen International Foundation College Primary School has been open for two months. The Primary School uses the IPC international primary school curriculum from Pre Primary to Grade 5, to maximize students' potential in learning.

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  • Ohio Wesleyan University Visits SIFC

    On November 2, SIFC warmly welcomed the school visiting of Ohio Wesleyan University(OWU). OWU is a small-size private university which is located in Delware, Ohio. It is listed in the book of Colleges That Change Lives and also ranks among one of the best colleges in U.S. News & Report and Princeton Review.

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  • Slogan Competition: We Need You

    Let’s brainstorm a slogan for SIFC!

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  • SIFC Celebrates Halloween

    On October 31st SIFC celebrated Halloween with a fun filled carnival. The theme of the carnival was The Shivering Clown at Neverland. This was an unprecedented event where the school became a starlight amusement park.

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  • SIFC Open Day !

    On October 28, the Shenzhen International Foundation College (SIFC) held its first Open Day of the semester. We received nearly 100 families. If there were any words which could describe the feeling of the families, they must be delighted and moved. These feelings stem from the trust of the parents in SIFC!

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  • Universities Visits SIFC

    On October 26th, there were two admission events at SIFC.

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  • Invitation: Voice of SIFC Contest & Halloween Carnival

    On October 31st, the teachers, students, parents, and friends of SIFC, please come to join in our carnival of Halloween.

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  • Ten U.S. Colleges visit SIFC

    Several U.S. Colleges paid a visit to SIFC on October 18th, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, High Point University, University of Redlands, Samford University, Seattle University, Kent State University and Utah State University.

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  • College Visits at SIFC This Week

    SIFC welcomed visitors from the College of Wooster and the Allegheny College this week. Both colleges enjoy a long and proud history.

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