Application for Admission

Admission Policy

Admission to Shenzhen International Foundation College (SIFC) is open to all students who wish to study in an international learning environment and benefit from a high quality international educational program.

Our primary mission is to serve our students in the Shenzhen area who wish to be educated to international standards with the goal to study abroad for a college education.

Shenzhen International Foundation College offers a comprehensive 4 year high school educational program consisting of grades 9 through 12. It is also a requirement of SIFC that all students earn a minimum of 80 on the official TOEFL examination.

PRC regulations.

In compliance with Chinese government regulations, SIFC can accept applications from foreign passport holders, residents from Hong Kong, Maca,Taiwan and local Chinese mainland students.


Local government requirements in regard to proper guardianship of students mean that SIFC may accept students who are : a) resident with at least one parent, b) resident with an approved guardian (with power of attorney), or c) resident in the SIFC boarding facility. Students are not permitted, under local regulations, to be under the supervision of non-resident guardians. Students who are not living with at least one parent or authorized guardian cannot be enrolled at SIFC.

School capacity and class size.

Admissions will be granted according to enrollment limits which ensure that standards of excellence will be maintained.

Chinese and English fluency.

Students applying to SIFC will be evaluated for Chinese and English speaking, reading, and writing ability. As the school wishes to maintain an environment where Chinese and English are both the primary languages of academic instruction, preference is given to those students who are most functional or have the greatest potential to be functional at their grade level in Chinese and English. All entering students not having Chinese or English as their native language must, as a minimum, be at a level from which they can work to complete to SIFC Chinese and English program by graduations, along with self-taught study of their mother tongue literature.


When possible, the student, with parent(s) or guardian(s) must be available for an interview before admission is granted. Students may be asked to participate in a phone or on-line interview.

High School

In order to be admitted to the High School here at SIFC students should be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. The age of the student in combination with the highest year of school completed and previously completed coursework will be considered when admitting and placing the student. Shenzhen International Foundation College reserves the right for all final approval and students’ placements.

The purpose of the high school entrance exam is to 1) make a determination as to whether or not the student in question is suitable for and capable of achieving academic success in an international learning environment, 2)appropriately place the student in the courses that are most suitable for that students' need and learning ability.

The high school entrance exam will consist of written exam(150 mins) and interview. The written exam will be conducted by using online MAP assessment system, mainly assessing Math, Science and English ability of students.


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