College Counseling


The College Counseling Department in SIFC provides students with full-time admission service by counselors, and set up an education file for each student after they are registered. Based on students' personal background, academic ability, hobbies, career development, guidance counselors will help students to clarify their learning direction and university goals, give suggestions on school selection, major matching, and standardized test preparation, help them plan extracurricular activities that combine their personal interests and strengths, and guide them to explore their own potential and discover their strengths and uniqueness.


It can be said that the college admission guidance team of SIFC has established a comprehensive consultation system of academic planning, further education planning, and career planning, supplemented by psychological counseling for students, in the hope of helping students to achieve personalized development in an all-round way, and at the same time improving their sense of purpose and happiness in campus life. 

Progression planning process

G9 Contact and Planning 

- Guide students to explore themselves and develop personalized planning blueprints

G10/G11 understanding and preparation 

- Guidance on school grades, standardized tests, background improvement

G12 sprint and success 

- Document application, interview coaching, and material submission

* There are various paths for academic advancement in SIFC - American High School, British High School, Art, Innovation, and other courses. The college admission plan will be adjusted according to the development direction selected by the students.

Guidance system for further studies

College Admission Advising, Career Planning, Mental Health, Student Activities


In terms of academic counseling, admission counselors will not only track students’ learning and examinations results but also cooperate with subject teachers to guide students to participate in international academic competitions based on their personal characteristics. They will also help improvement their academic and extracurricular background and help develop students’ academic ability for future college learning.


In terms of career planning, admission counselors guide students to better plan their career development by discovering their academic interests. Students can also do personality assessments and get access to college career resources on Cialfo, a powerful and mature education platform.


Regarding mental health, the admission counselors and psychological counselors work closely together to provide students with appropriate psychological support at different stages during the journey to college through psychological assessments, and psychological lectures, etc.


The enriched student activities in SIFC are an inseparable part of campus life. All the activities are initiated, organized and managed by students, though teachers and counselors are also available for support. Here, students can set up their own clubs, organize large-scale activities by themselves, or give lectures as a “teacher”. The "empowerment" of SIFC maximizes students' sense of responsibility, leadership, and critical thinking.

Highlights of college counseling

High teacher-student ratio, in-depth and meticulous communication

Four-year follow-up service covers all aspects

Ten years of experience in higher education, substantial cases of successful admissions

Courses related to university application consultation are offered every week

Student mentor one-on-one appointments

Parent salon, home and school work together to promote student development

Visiting overseas universities, face-to-face communication between students and admissions officers


Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen