University Guidance

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SIFC has a counseling office that provides students with full-time counselors to assist students in formulating the strongest personal study plan for the four years of high school. The counselor team has nearly 10 years of collage abroad application experience, and can provide students with a wealth of comprehensive information on university applications and majors in various countries.


The course plan made by the counselors is crucial to the admission decision of a foreign university. After entering the school, counselors will establish a career file for each student, and personally tutor the students.


Counselors will stand from the student's personal background, school, hobbies, career development planning and so on plan, to help the students create a clear direction and university goals and give tips on schools, professional, extracurricular activities, combined with the personal interests and expertise to carry out extracurricular activities, guiding students to excavate its potential, looking for bright and uniqueness.


Through continuous communication and collision with students, parents and teachers, we help students achieve results in academic, life, and interpersonal communication.


The counselor team is equipped with psychological teachers, who not only pay attention to the students' academic work, but also care the mental and physical changes in the growth of the students, and provide the correct guidance for the healthy growth of the students' physical and mental health.


Every academic year, we will arrange representatives from high-quality universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries to come to our school to learn about the courses and university life of each school, so that students and parents have the opportunity to communicate directly with the representatives on admissions applications. The school also regularly organizes various seminars and career introduction activities to help students prepare for the future. The admission rate of our students to overseas universities is 100% every year, constantly creating outstanding academic results.


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