A Day in SIFC


7:20-8:00AM  Breakfast Time

The early bird catches the worm. For students, an energetic day starts with a nutritious breakfast.


8:15 AM -3:45 PM  Classroom Study Time

Intensive and fulfilling classroom study is mainline of the day. Of course, to ensure students' learning efficiency, there will be a 15-minute recess between every two classes, so that students can strike a balance between work and rest. Lunch is staggered between seniors and juniors. 

3:50-5:15 PM   Club Time

After a day of intensive classroom study, it is time for students to develop their hobbies. Students choose two clubs they like from three categories of academics, art, and sports, and show their creativity and talent.


5:30-6:30 PM  Dinner


6:30-8:10 PM   Evening Study Time

Students can review and summarize the entire day's learning during the evening study period and complete their homework. Each study room has a foreign or Chinese teacher on duty to solve students' problems at any time.


8:10-9:30 PM  Free Time

This is a time for students to choose what they like to do individually and to bloom in multiple spaces. Students can continue reading in the library, do sports in the stadium, relax and chat with friends in homeroom, or let their artistic creativity be free and unrestrained in the piano room/dance room/art classroom. At this time, students can also choose to return to the student dormitory in an orderly manner. There is also an activity room on each floor where various activities are organized under the guidance of Boarding Leaders, such as reading a book together, enjoying a classic documentary related to professional courses, and discussing a common topic on life or academics together.


9:30-10:30  End of the Day

Students return to their own dorm, tidying up, washing up, and getting ready to rest.



Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen