Chinese Courses

Chinese Courses

Cultivating internationally competitive talents is the goal of education in this changing world. Our students will face competition on the world stage, so international quality and ability are the prerequisites for them. For Chinese students, the "Sinicization" in the international arena is a valuable opportunity. 

SIFC attaches great importance to this. SIFC integrates Chinese traditional culture with the spirit of the time into students' daily life to help them inherit the essence of Chinese culture from rich Chinese culture courses. Chinese cultural compulsory courses and core courses include Chinese, Chinese history, philosophy, and art etc. Special courses, such as Chinese Sado, recitation, Tai Chi and Chinese opera, are deeply welcome among students. At the same time, Fu Tengxiao, a senior Chinese professor, has organized a series of five volumes of "The Essence of Chinese Culture" textbook with the help of a group of experts and scholars from Shenzhen University.

(The book covers the period from the pre-Qin period to modern times, with content of articles, history, philosophy, classics, calligraphy and painting.)

We expect that SIFC can become the best place for cultivating students with excellent culture and life values; we expect love and identity of the national culture from our students; we expect students can maintain the essence of human nature in globalization, to find their own Chinese identity; we expect our graduates studying abroad to become a "messenger of Chinese culture".


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