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Educational Philosophy


Educational Philosophy

Aiming at improving students’all-round qualities, SIFC makes efforts to impart knowledge to students in diversified cultural backgrounds to cultivate students’ sound personality. It stresses not only creative thinking, reasoning, and critical thinking, but also effective teamwork, good character, and moral integrity. SIFC’s mission is to help students with patriotism and international vision go to top universities and colleges.


To be a leading international school, inspiring the minds of tomorrows/future generation of leaders to shape a modern China and the world beyond.
We aim to build international bridges that connect our students to the world and develop academic excellence, strong values and the global perspective that will provide them with a strong foundation for their future success. 


Holistic Development
Through a diverse range of learning opportunities, we aim for our students to develop high intellectual ability, a strong sense of character and positive personal attributes.  

Chinese Culture and Traditions
Our students will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage through the study of Chinese literature, history, arts and philosophy.

Global Citizenship
We aim for our students to develop a strong sense of identity, intercultural awareness and become attuned to the needs of others and committed to making the world a better place. Our students gain a profound knowledge of, and respect for, their own culture, but also develop the ambition and drive to become global bilingual citizens.


To combine Chinese and Western words into actions.


Spearheading the future of international education.
Inspiring students to perform proficiently in all the core subjects.
Fostering a positive learning environment. 
Cultivating thinkers who are able to think critically using problem solving skills and creative skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the task at hand.


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