Learning Outside the School

Learning Outside the School

The mission of the school is in education, the task of education is in the students, and the stage of students is in the world. We need to create the whole society into students ‘learning garden and resource base, and to build the school a learning hub for students: learning in walking. 

“Learning outside the school” is a teaching concept. It is a unique project of SIFC, which gives students a chance to understand the world's main culture. In the meanwhile, it has the understanding of life, the exchange of emotions, the collision of ideas, the inheritance of ideas, the breeding of spirit, and the sublimation of personality.

Routes of “Learning Outside the School”
Arts Practice, Humanistic Geography Practice, Scientific Practice, Volunteering Working.

Every activity and class are carefully arranged.

For students of Grade 6 to 8, it is mainly to cultivate students' independence, gratitude, team spirit, diligence, and hardworking. And to help students develop their quality in the critical period of their physical and psychological growth.
For students of Grade 9 to 10, the mainly goal is to broaden their horizons, to increase their knowledge, and to cultivate their independence, teamwork communication skills, intercultural knowledge, international thinking and attitudes.
For students of Grade 11 to 12, the aim is to build leadership of elites, to make students responsible citizens of the world, and to be ready to respond to the evolution of the current generation.


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