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Words from the Principal


Words from the Principal

In June 2004, when Shenzhen International Foundation College (SIFC) was first founded in Shenzhen, I wrote the following sentence ‘ you will fly around the world’, hoping that they will become brave and enterprising people who have internationalized skills. 

How time flies in ten years. It is an extraordinary decade for SIFC. Hundreds of students have studied overseas at famous universities, including Columbia University in USA, London School of Economics and Political Science and the Durham University in Britain. In the meantime, SIFC established the first four-year American high school program in Shenzhen (Now SIFC provides a junior school program that started in 2013). Until now, 2013 and 2014 graduates were admitted by many famous universities, including Cornell University, University of California Berkeley, Boston College, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, School of Visual Arts etc. Among them, more than ten students earned a scholarship between 2000-9000 dollars per year. In July 2014, the first graduates of junior school were also admitted to the high school. 

During the first decade of SIFC, one of our great achievements was gaining more qualified Chinese and foreign teaching staff. Moreover, we are always striving to communicate with international schools, enforcing the administration of students and developing a competitive Extra-Curriculum Activity (ECA) system. It is gratifying that we have become one of the testing centers of the physics competition in south China, which is hosted by American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Meanwhile, we are making further efforts to have academic cooperation with Princeton University. The students of SIFC especially the high school students receive a successful quality-oriented education. They will not only make progress every day in school life, but also foster their own personality, talent and innovation. They add a gorgeous page to Shenzhen international education. It is these lovely students that represent a brilliant bunch of flowers for the tenth anniversary of SIFC. 

A famous British statesman once said: “Life is not about living but about striving." He added: "When you get up, get up motivated. Live with a perpetual sense of urgency. And make at least part of that purpose about something bigger than you. "

I am convinced that the students of SIFC will become the next giant when they go aboard to seek the successful footsteps of a giant and have the honor to run side by side with the giants.
With great sincerity I offer you my best wishes.

SIFC Principal& Professor

Fu Tengxiao
Jan. 2015


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