Counseling Department

SIFC Counseling Department provides professional counselors to help high school students choose their courses and graduate with required credits. We have a counselor who has nearly 10 years ‘experience in applying for studying abroad that can provide rich and comprehensive information on application and of major of universities in various countries.

A counselor's curriculum plan is crucial to university application. High school students have their own files after joining our school. Counselors will provide students curriculum plan according to their background, performance, hobbies, and career planning, which helps students to clear direction for future study and their target universities. Counselors also give professional advice on study, majors, and extracurricular activities based on students’ interests and strength. Through continuous communication with students, parents and teachers, counselors help students to achieve success in their studies, life and interpersonal communication.

Our counselors regularly attend the international conference on counseling guidance, to learn about the school information by visiting colleges and universities and reception of school visits, to provide the latest and accurate information for parents and students.

Academic Counseling 
Our academic counselors cooperate closely with teachers to provide consistent academic support and actively follow students’ progress. Our academic counselors help students navigate their school academic experience, offering advice and guidance throughout these critical years of learning. Our academic counseling services include: 

Monthly one-on-one meeting
Through monthly one-on-one meeting, our academic counselors aims to provide educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules, recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions for different types of students. They also follow and track the advancement of students and provide assistance to students who do not meet school requirements.

College Counseling 
Our college counseling program offers a variety of opportunities for you and your children to learn about the college admission process and tackle each step along the way to successful acceptance: 

Weekly college counseling classes
Individual appointments
College Visits to SIFC

Weekly college counseling classes
From Grade 9, students will attend a weekly class to cover key college admission topics including evaluation programs; staying calm and organized during the process; deciding whether to apply for early action/early decision; writing college essays; and how to have successful college visits and interviews.

Individual appointments
Starting in Grade 9, college counselor will be able to meet with students and their families regularly to discuss their academic performance, interests and career goals. Throughout the college planning process, students and their parents have the opportunity to speak with their college counselor about future education, career and personal goals. By getting to know the student, the counselor will learn about the students' personality, individual traits, strengths, challenges, academic performance, extra-curricular activities as well as their future college and career aspirations. With all of this in mind, they will work together to create the most effective college admissions plan that will lead to meeting their goals. Our college counselors prepare students to take action on all parts of the college admissions process, including:

Exploring and selecting colleges,  
Developing a college list,
Preparing for SAT, TOEFL, AP testing,
Writing essays,
Completing admissions applications,
Preparing financial documents,
Choosing the final college,
Parent workshops

At these regular events, students will learn about the college admission process and discuss progress with their college counselor.

College Visits to SIFC
Each year college and university Admissions Officers/Representatives visit the SIFC campus to introduce their schools, provide updates from the last visits, answer your questions and tell you why you should attend their particular schools. These visits are a great way for admission representatives to learn more about SIFC and they are a great way for you to learn more about different types of colleges and what they have to offer as well.

G9 Extracurricular Activities Guidance
G10 Career Planning and Extracurricular Activities Guidance
G11 Paper Writing Guidance and University Application Planning
G12 University Application Planning and Visa Application Guidance


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