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SIFC Arts Cooperation Center was founded in 2019 by Repin Academy of Fine Arts which is ranked number two in the world, Shenzhen International Foundation College and senior professors from the School of Art and Design, Shenzhen University.

Founding Partners


Shenzhen International Foundation College (SIFC) was established in June 2004 with the approval of Shenzhen Education Bureau. It is the first international school in Shenzhen to implement international preparatory courses and American middle school courses. Over the past 15 years, thousands of students have been admitted to prestigious universities around the world. In 2019, SIFC ranked among the best schools in Shenzhen in applying for prestigious American universities. 40% of graduates were admitted by the TOP 50 universities in the United States and 15% by the TOP 10 universities worldwide. Students were enrolled in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as other countries and regions.

Repin Academy of Fine Arts (Академия художеств) was founded in 1757 and developed from the Russian Royal Academy of Fine Arts. It is one of the four famous Fine Arts Academy in the world. It is also the most prestigious fine arts university in Russia and has cultivated a number of world-renowned art masters. It is currently ranked number two in the world for art universities.

One Belt and One Road • International Artist Union is jointly established by Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences, Oil Painting Art Committee of Shenzhen Artists Association, St. Petersburg Artists Association of Russia, Russian Repin Academy of Fine Arts, One Belt and One Road (Shenzhen) Development Research Institute, School of Arts of Shenzhen University and the Art Gallery of Shenzhen University, etc. The union aims to promote the Belt and Road initiative, national culture and art and introduce Chinese culture and art to the world. To provide a broader channel for international art exchange and sharing and to attract more people to visit China and spread Chinese influence to the world.





1.    Repin Academy of Fine Arts Preparation Program

Program Length:Full-time (one semester)

Curriculum: Russian + Art major course

Enrollment Target: Students specializing in art who finished Grade 11

Program Feature: short schooling length, enroll directly in Repin Academy of Fine Arts Preparation program after half a year preparation course.


2.    International High School specialized in Art (Art Direction)

Program Length: Full time (3 years, students can join the program in the middle of school year)

Curriculum: English + Art Core Courses + Art History + Art Portfolio + College Application

Destination: Europe, America


3.    International Art Preparation Course (Art Direction)

Program Length: Full-time (one year)

Curriculum: Languages + Art Core Courses + Art History + Art Portfolio+ College Application

Destination: Europe, America



Enrichment Courses


Art Portfolio Guidance

Students show their talent and strength by presenting their own portfolios. The requirements for a portfolio vary from university to university, but without exception, they all pay close attention to the process of students' work creation. Therefore, it is necessary to describe the creation process of each works clearly with words and pictures when submitting art portfolios. In addition, it is required to illustrate the process of creation from the aspects of the main body of work, including the production process, initial ideas, first drafts, materials used and cuttings.


Short-term Exchange Program and Summer Camp

We will regularly organize students to attend short-term courses in art schools in Europe, America, Russia and other countries, so that students can experience the study environment and life in various art schools in advance.


Organizing students to participate in international art competitions


Art Exhibition


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