Club Activities


After School Activities Program

After school activity(we always call it Club Activity)is a signature course in SIFC for students to delight their body and mind, to broaden their interests and horizons, and to develop our campus culture. Colorful activities inspire students to find out personal characteristics and talents, guide them to become all-round people, train them to be modern citizens with social competitiveness, and achieve the ultimate goal of cultivating people's integrity and improving their quality in an all-round way.

SIFC is a school that respects independence, openmindedness and democracy among students. SIFC clubs have formed a special organization mode, which is mainly guided by school, instructed by teachers, and organized by students.

Each club is made up of 6 or more students. Students have different responsibilities and jobs in different clubs. They can find their own role by joining different clubs. In order to encourage students’ afterschool activities, each SIFC club has 1 foreign or Chinese teacher, and certain funds and materials provided by the school.

Club activity is a compulsory non-academic course for students in SIFC every school year. Regular activity time is 16:30—18:00 from Monday to Thursday every week.

SIFC clubs are divided into 3 major categories: art, sports, and general. So far, we have more than 30 clubs.


Jukebox Chorus, Galaxy Band, MST Hip-Hop, Ad-lit Drama, HCC Painting, Jianyi Manual Work, Moha Model, Thug Remix Rap, Genki Dance( Cartoon Music & Dance), DPC Photography Club, N6G Magic Club.


Sky Force Basketball, Honor Football, DVT Tennis, SIFC Badminton, IMMORTALS Baseball.


Animation Club (3D Video Editing), Error Tutoring, SIFC Robots, SIFC Volunteering Team (Student Union), Primates Protection, SIFC Financial Club.


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