​Innovatie Curriculum


The future is not a competition of knowledge, but a competition of creativity and imagination, a competition of wisdom and experience, a competition of leadership, responsibility, responsibility, and a competition of independent thinking, all of which need to be achieved through educational reform. Only innovation can change education, and thus the world.

STEAM Interdisciplinary Contents

AP integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and other STEAM contents. It focuses on project and provides interdisciplinary practical activities so that students could learn through practice.


Project Based Learning

The method of project-based learning is adopted to practice and learn in the project through group cooperation, and cultivate students' independent learning and innovative ability.


Design Thinking

Based on the "Design Thinking" methodology of The School of Design of Stanford University, students are linked to real events. They can cross disciplinary boundaries, mobilize the knowledge they have learned, and focus on cultivating the ability to solve problems in practice, so as to truly achieve the purpose of applying what they have learned.


Global Exchange

It  realizes students’ borderless communication through real-time network connection, and provides students with face-to-face learning and communication opportunities with professors and tutors from top overseas universities.


Learning in Practices

Students explore in practices and learn by solving problems in real world. Through the connection with the school, community and social industry experts, students can not only learn, but also use, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and action.


Higher Education Counseling

Exclusive social practice can enrich students' experience; Through high-quality educational resources, we can improve our students’ background and comprehensive strength, and facilitate their applications to the prestigious universities.


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