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SIFC was founded in 2004. Since 2004, SIFC has specialized in one-year college preparatory programs, innumerable great achievements have been made.


In 2010, SIFC stared a new journey by establishing the first three-year American high school program in Shenzhen ( Now, according to CCSS Curriculum System, SIFC provides four-year program since 2012). SIFC’s high school program mirrors that of high schools in the US by offering standardized intensive training for TOEFL, SAT and ACT tests and AP courses for college credits, which was a creative step in Shenzhen.


In 2013, SIFC junior school established to serve students from Grade 7-8. Just like the High School Department and according to CCSS Curriculum System, the Middle School Department introduced the subjects and books from America in order to make a good preparation before studying abroad so that they can adapt to the foreign classes quickly. Meanwhile, we noticed that many students couldn’t adjust to American education well in the beginning. To solve this problem, SIFC fully considered the actual condition of Chinese students and combined education with recreation, such as games, speeches, debates, role playing, to help students remove the obstacles of listening and speaking, understand American courses better, master basic English expression, show themselves confidently and integrate into American society as soon as possible. In 2014, SIFC offered American Middle School preparatory for students in Grade 6 to prepare them well for the courses in Middle School.

SIFC has officially transformed into the first American-style international school in China with courses from preliminary middle school to high school with 7 grades.


In 2016, SIFC was merged with a listed company and then became the first A-share listed international school in China.


In 2017, SIFC started the Preliminary Middle School (Grade 5), it marks the start of the Primary School program, which has been under preparation for two years. And SIFC was officially authorized by the College Board.

From August 2017, SIFC began a journey toward excellence. With an aim to become recognized as a leading school across China and internationally, SIFC has initiated a number of strategic projects. From August 2018 SIFC will expand into Primary School Grades 1 to 5 and introduce the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). SIFC will also begin working toward membership and accreditation by the Council of International Schools.


In 2018, we will celebrate the opening of our new purpose built primary and middle school campus in Nanshan. 


Address:#157 Lishan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel:86-755-26732100 / 26534780