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SIFC was founded in 2004. Since 2004, SIFC has specialized in one-year college preparatory programs, innumerable great achievements have been made.


In 2010, SIFC stared a new journey by establishing the first three-year American high school program in Shenzhen ( Now, according to CCSS Curriculum System, SIFC provides four-year program since 2012). SIFC’s high school program mirrors that of high schools in the US by offering standardized intensive training for TOEFL, SAT and ACT tests and AP courses for college credits, which was a creative step in Shenzhen.


In 2017, SIFC was officially authorized by the College Board. From August 2017, SIFC began a journey toward excellence. With an aim to become recognized as a leading school across China and internationally, SIFC has initiated a number of strategic projects. 


In 2018, SIFC celebrated the opening of the new purpose built campus in Nanshan. 


In 2019, SIFC Arts Cooperation Center was founded by Repin Academy of Fine Arts which is ranked number two in the world, Shenzhen International Foundation College and senior professors from the School of Art and Design, Shenzhen University.  It contains Repin Academy of Fine Arts Preparation Program,   International High School specialized in Art (Art Direction) Program and   International Art Preparation Course (Art Direction) Program.


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