Physical Education

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato once said that there must be a balance between physical education and knowledge education. Sports should create a strong warrior, and a healthy spirit resides in a healthy physique.


An international school who takes physical education as its core curriculum surely hopes that students will use their sports experience as a proof of their excellence.

More importantly, the school hopes that they can feel the charm of different sports cultures, develop many excellent qualities, understand the spirit of sports, and take one or more sports as their lifelong enthusiasm.




Fencing clubs, taekwondo clubs, fitness clubs, basketball clubs, table tennis clubs, tennis clubs, football clubs, baseball clubs, badminton clubs, swimming clubs, skateboard clubs... Among the many sports clubs in SIFC, students can always find a sport that suits them. The Jeremy Lin-Li Qun International Basketball Training Center and the Modern Pentathlon Center of the Shenzhen Preliminary Institute cultivate students' healthy personality, physical and mental quality, self-confidence and perseverance, and teamwork spirit through sports, improving their ability to resist stress and frustration. The school strives to let the students who love basketball and pentathlon turn their sports advantages into their strength for further study, which will lead them to the top universities abroad.

Jeremy Lin-Li Qun International Basketball Training Center


SIFC "Jeremy Lin-Li Qun International Basketball Training Center" was established by the Shenzhen International Preparatory Academy and the "Jeremy Lin-Li Qun Basketball League" to explore and cultivate elite basketball talents in international schools.


The International Basketball Training Center introduces the outstanding teachers of the Haoqun Basketball League and advanced basketball education concepts. Its coach team serves as SIFC basketball teacher, provides professional guidance for campus basketball clubs, and selects suitable talents to form a school team to participate in domestic and foreign The basketball game forms a joint training model of intramural training + extramural competition. The advancement tutor combines the advancement training plan with the training plan of the International Basketball Training Center, and jointly develops a basketball training plan with the coaching team.

Modern Pentathlon Center


The SIFC Pentathlon Center was established by Shenzhen International Foundation College and the world champion Mr. Wang Guan and his team to build a top modern pentathlon training platform for international schools, so that more students can understand and participate in modern pentathlons and inspire their sports. Interests and hobbies, cultivate a healthy, active, and hard-working campus sports culture, and help students to have fun in physical exercises, strengthen their physical fitness, improve their personality, and temper their will through sports wisdom and sports aspirations.


SIFC is the first international high school in the country to host modern pentathlons. The modern pentathlon center will introduce the excellent teachers of the crown coach team and its advanced physical education concepts. The coach team will serve as class teachers and provide professional guidance. It will be combined with the national team’s "high standards and strict requirements" training style. The characteristics of Shenzhen students maximize the potential of students and push the Shenzhen pre-physical education to a new level.


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