British High School


British education is compatible with individualized training needs and is suitable for Chinese students to develop their academic expertise. The British curriculum is designed extensively without loss of depth and its advanced teaching concepts and teaching methods allow students to obtain a beneficial learning experience during their crucial middle school stage. The IGCSE/A-Level course belongs to the Edexcel International Education Curriculum System. IGCSE is a series of preparatory courses for students to study A-Level, AP and other courses. The A-Level curriculum is an advanced level course for the British General Secondary Education Certificate and an entrance examination course for British universities. It is highly recognized by the international education community and is called the "Golden Education Course" and the "Golden Standard" for global admissions for students to enter the world's top universities. The A-Level course has many advantages and a wide range of subjects to choose from. Students can choose 5-7 advantageous subjects they are interested in.


Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen