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Always be the Messenger of Chinese Culture

--- Speech for 18th Anniversary of the Founding of SIFC


The span of 18 years is a fleeting moment in history, yet a precious journey for life and human development. It is a time witnessing the growth from a baby to an adult. About the past 18 years, I am very grateful. SIFC has developed from the college preparatory school to the current institution with American High, British High and Art High school. There were only eighteen graduates at that time, but now the number of alumina has reached more than a thousand. They range from the post 70s generation to the post 2000s generation.

I am proud to say that, during the eighteen years development, the SIFC team has firmly adhered to the principles of “ Combining China and the West, words and action” , “cultivating students to be better” and “awakening” students with different talents. With a deep foundation in international education, SIFC staff continue to forge ahead with the mission of educators and the outstanding courage of pioneers. In Shenzhen, a fertile land of inclusiveness and innovation, SIFC helps students get access to excellent international education resources and realize their dreams of attending world-famous universities.


Over the years, we have witnessed the growth and evolution of countless students and the expectations and hopes of numerous families. I can feel the meaning of the saying by the great poet in India - Tagore, “The aim of education is to extend the breath of life to people.” This means that the ultimate goal of education is to cultivate holistic human being with comprehensive personality. With this lofty aim, SIFC educators have greater pursuit and responsibility.


Adhering to international education for eighteen years, what is SIFC?

I would like to introduce it again: it is a school which connects with the world. Its graduates study abroad in famous international universities. They study in the frontier of science and technology. They are also the ambassadors of Chinese culture and civilization. SIFC is also a school for balanced education. It lets every students discover and know themselves. It is a never-stop-walking school which helps students to know the world and feel the life through social practice. It is a school aimed to become a cradle for future stars, Chinese giants and world citizens.

Shenzhen International Foundation College’s mission is to give every student two gifts: wings (to become global citizen) that they can use to fly to the world; and roots (to retain Chinese identity) that they should never forget that they are Chinese at heart and that they share a long and splendid culture.

SIFC Principal& Professor

Fu Tengxiao

18 June, 2022


Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen