Art Design Center


The Art Design Center in SIFC has been at the forefront of international school curriculums for many years, and SIFC graduates have been admitted to the world's top art colleges. In recent years, SIFC has deeply cooperated with a team of famous artists, the cooperation will help combine academic courses and art courses, and solve the international art students' difficulties and save their time in traveling from school to the art training center. At the same time, it integrates the most advanced educational resources, interacts with SIPC International Education Group strategically, continues to innovate teaching methods, to further enhance the top position in the art education field. It features "art and technology", seamlessly connects with the interdisciplinary frontier majors of top universities to improve students' core literacy. This will better their chance in entering the world's art stage.


Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen