About us

Educational Philosophy


Spearheading the future of international education.

Inspiring students to perform proficiently in all the core subjects.

Fostering a positive learning environment.

Cultivate people with innovative thinking, big vision and problem-solving ability.


Shenzhen International Foundation College’s mission is to give every student two things: wings (to become global citizen) that they can use to fly to the world; and roots (to retain Chinese identity) that they should never forget that they are Chinese at heart and that they share a long and splendid culture.

To inspire the minds of tomorrow with an educational method that is engaging, challenging, that stimulates higher-order thinking, and that cultivates their love for family and country, enabling them to find their life’s purpose in the face of an ever-changing international world.


SIFC’s education values our students’ awakening.

School Motto

Combining China and the West, in words and actions. 

Educational Objective

SIFC is aimed to cultivated students who are qualified for prestigious universities and colleges in the world, and they can spread Chinese culture at the same time. The graduates of SIFC are expected to have the following qualities and abilities: 

- Proficiency in Chinese and English

- Mastery of subject knowledge and interdisciplinary connections

- Creative thinking, reasoning, and critical thinking

- Exploration and inquiry-based learning mindset

- Problem-solving ability

- Teamwork

- Lifelong learning attitude

- Utilization of leading-edge technology

- Has a solid foundation of Chinese culture

- International vision


Address:No. 8 Yizhan 4th Road, International Art Exhibition Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen