About us

Educational Philosophy


Spearheading the future of international education.

Inspiring students to perform proficiently in all the core subjects.

Fostering a positive learning environment.

Cultivate people with innovative thinking, big viision and problem-solving ability.


Our mission is to inspire the minds of tomorrow by bringing the international world to their doorstep t hrough stimulating, challenging and higher order thinking methods.


SIFC’s education values our students’ awakening.

School Motto

Combining China and the West, in words and actions. 

School characteristics

School characteristics No.1

Pragmatic and rigorous academic philosophy from the educator.

As a founding principal, educator, senior scholar, and former executive deputy dean of Shenzhen University Teachers College, Professor Fu Tengxiao, is committed to practicing the educational philosophy of cultivating a holistic ‘person’ with sound personality and great academic achievement who will combine words with actions and be practical to accomplish a mini goal every day.

(Principal Fu Tengxiao has taught and ran a school for half of his life and has been working in the field of education for more than half a century. He is affectionately called ‘the pioneer of Shenzhen International Education.’ He participated in the founding of Shenzhen University Teachers College and Shenzhen University High School and founded the second affiliated school of Shenzhen University Teachers College alone. Served as a member of Peking University's Doctoral Dissertation Defense Committee and a senior position in many academic research societies in China, he has won many outstanding social science achievement awards above the provincial level, and won the title of the first ‘Shenzhen Top Ten Leaders in Education’ and 2021 ‘Forbes Top Ten in China’,‘Principal of Outstanding International School’)

School characteristics No.2

A long history of running a school and a rich accumulation of experience.

Established in 2004, SIFC is one of the oldest schools in Shenzhen to offer international college preparatory courses and American high school courses. We have been elaborately developing a unique curriculum and a fine teaching management system throughout these years. 

School characteristics No.3

Integrating Chinese and Western curriculum systems, educating students in a diversified and all-around way.

SIFC is one of the AP International School members in Shenzhen authorized by the College Board, and is a partner school authorized by the British Pearson Edexcel Examination Bureau. SIFC has two major departments, the International High School and the Art High School, which has AP, A-Level, art and innovative curricula. In addition, it has four art and sports centers of art design, international music, Jeremy Lin-Liqun basketball training and modern pentathlon. Absorbing the essence of education in Britain and the United States, SIFC also attaches importance to the inheritance of Chinese culture and has independently compiled the Essence of Chinese Sinology with one million words, aiming to cultivate outstanding global citizens who learn from the strengths of China and the West.

School characteristics No.4

International education model and international education team that focus on individual development.

It's a school with a 4-to-1 teacher-to-student ratio. There are high qualified and stable teachers (Chinese-to-foreign teacher ratio is 1:1). Teachers care about students to ensure that the individual needs of students are fully addressed. They help students to develop their advantages and to help them become confident, courageous, energetic, and critical thinkers.  

School characteristics No.5

"Teachers are like friends and are as close as family" campus culture and our artistic campus .

SIFC is located in the iADC International Art Exhibition Center with a beautiful environment and rich artistic atmosphere. We implemented the non-traditional classroom teaching system and the house system, which de-emphasized the traditional class concept and comprehensively promoted interpersonal communication among students of different ages. We also regularly hold parent salons to build a high-end family education circle.

School characteristics No.6

Eighteen years of fruitful teaching results.

Thousands of our outstanding students have been enrolled in top universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries.  After entering undergraduate courses in prestigious American universities, many graduates of our school furthered their studies and were enrolled in postgraduate courses at Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University and other universities in the United States. Even so, our school still does not forget its original intention and adheres to the correct orientation for further studies. Although we value the acceptance rate of world-class universities, we are constantly pursuing, exploring, and attaching great importance to the idea that the university that suits you is the best university.


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