House System


SIFC takes the initiative to implement the "house system" advocated by British and American elite schools and set up four houses (earth, wind, water, fire), each of which has its own mascot, motto, and color. Each house is composed of students from different grades and elect sennior students as the team leader. Teachers are also assigned to each house to assist the team leader in management.


"House points" are given to students who participate in various activities and strive for their own house’s honor. Besides, there’s a framework for rewards and punishment of houses. When students are rewarded or punished for their daily behavior, it will be directly reflected in the house points.


Houses are like "a small family and a big society". Students in each house are from different grades. Through multiple activities in terms of disciplines, arts, and sports, each house member has close communication and cooperation, and different houses can learn from and compete with each other. In the house, students' leadership, organization, and communication skills are trained, and their sense of belonging, tolerance, loyalty, honor, and mutual encouragement are enhanced. In a safe and fully supported environment, students improve their self-confidence, show their style, bravely take risks, and become better persons than who they were yesterday.


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