Mental Health Service


It is our duty to safeguard students’ mental and physical well-being. SIFC has a psychological counseling office, and a team of professional psychological counselors, tutors, and art therapists with relevant educational background. We offer mental health education, individual mental health counseling, group coaching, psychological crisis prevention and intervention support and service.

The mental health service in SIFC is to build positive environment and to raise the awareness and correct understanding about mental health of parents, teachers and students. “Every individual is unique.” “Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and gentleness.”

Mental Health Service Principles

- Confidentiality

- Helping individuals and improving the environment

- Students oriented

- Prevention before intervention

- Continuous intervention measures

- Flexibility and responsiveness

- Multidisciplinary participation

- Combining theory and practice

- Emphasizing on cooperation among school, family and community


Content of Mental Health Service

- Mental health publicity

- Individual psychological coaching and counseling

- Group psychological coaching

- Themed counselling class on mental health

- Seminars with students

- Seminars with staff

- Psychological movie appreciation

- Psychological club


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