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“We want to ensure that students' individual needs are given full attention so that each can live up to their fullest potential and become confident, articulate, and energetic individuals who love to learn, share, think and explore.”

During the 20 years since the school was established, SIFC has welcomed batch after batch of enthusiastic educators. The team of teachers has continued to grow, and the educational resources have been continuously upgraded. SIFC’s teachers are from all over the world with excellent educational backgrounds and practical experience in the field of education. We believe that a good platform like SIFC will provide teachers with the opportunities that will boost their confidence, fulfill their passion, and achieve their dream as an educator.


Teacher to Student Ratio at 1:5

The teacher-student ratio reflects the size of the school's classrooms and can also measure the level of teacher attention that students receive individually. With a high teacher-student ratio of 1:4, SIFC fully improves the efficiency of classroom management, improves students' classroom participation, realizes personalized teaching, and expands infinite possibilities for students' individual development.


Foreign to Chinese Teacher Ratio at 4:6

Most of SIFC’s foreign teachers come from English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and this gives SIFC an absolute advantage in the field of international education in terms of quantity and quality.


80% of Teachers Have Overseas Educational Experience

Returned teachers from overseas have international teaching concepts and global perspectives, enabling students to receive more international information in the classroom and enjoy more resources in the international academic circle. The integration of Chinese and foreign teachers has created a school-running model that can not only produce excellent academic results, but also absorb the educational experience of advanced countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, tailor-made for Chinese students and truly integrate Chinese and Western cultures.

70% of Teachers with Masters’ or Doctorate Degree

For teachers, teaching experience and high academic qualifications are fundamental to higher academic competence and professional standards. All SIFC teachers have teaching certificates or academic backgrounds in education. They not only have excellent academic ability but also practice lifelong learning. They are the best guides for the students of SIFC.

Average 9.25 Years of Teaching Experience

Most of the teachers of SIFC come from well-known international schools in China and have rich teaching experience in the field of international education. Teachers' experience is closely related to excellent teaching ability. Their solid subject knowledge and excellent classroom organization skills help to improve classroom quality and realize students' potential. 


"Teachers are like friends and are as close as family" campus culture

SIFC always attaches importance to the shaping of the teacher-student relationship to the campus learning atmosphere, and has already settled the campus culture of "Teachers are like friends and are as close as family". Through the colorful campus activities, there are lots of opportunities for teachers and students to cooperate and compete on the same stage. Through these interesting forms of communication, the traditional binary relationship between teachers and students is broken, and the harmonious friendship between teachers and students is connected.


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