Counseling System


SIFC has adopted the traditional counseling system of first-class schools in the UK, implementing the modern educational concept, and empowering students to achieve the goal of "self-driving, self-management, and self-fulfillment". Counselors provide students with support in terms of psychology, ethics, health, study, life, social circle, family, and other aspects. An original "826 student growth model” is applied to keep track of students’ updated development. In the one-to-one communication with counselors, students can have full opportunities to think deeply, express actively, and obtain exclusive guidance services.

SIFC counselors are all overseas returnees who have received international education. They are both role models and mentors, understanding and giving reasonable suggestions to students in need of help. Counselors, as teachers as well as friends to the students, are in close collaboration with them.

- Derived from the concept of International Education 

counseling system with a long history, originated from "Oxford University"

- Integration into Chinese Educational Philosophy 

empowering students with "self-driving, self-management, and self-fulfillment"

- Developed team management mechanism 

original "826 student growth model”

- The center of four factors 

society, school, family, and students

- Student-centered 

teach students in accordance of their aptitude, and guide their thoughts, study, and life

- "Empowering strength and morality" whole-person cultivation curricular system 

focusing on students' mental health, whole person cultivation, and college counseling

- Personal charm of counselors 

dedicated to education, loving, role model, teaching by example


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