American High School


American education focuses on liberal arts education, and students can develop in an all-round way. The American High School curriculum is based on the American Common Core State Standards (CCSS), follows the typical American teaching curriculum, and at the same time adapts to China's national conditions. SIFC introduced AP (American Advanced Placement) courses, which are broad, balanced and challenging. AP courses are university-level courses offered at the high school stage. The establishment of AP courses is regarded as a symbol of the teaching strength of a high school in the United States and is a powerful guarantee for entering the world's prestigious schools. By studying AP, students can take university credits in advance and understand the university layout. At the same time, the school also offers a wealth of compulsory and elective courses with a wide range of knowledge. These courses cover a variety of subjects and provide students with a variety of options. We encourage students to experience more different courses, fully explore each student's hobbies, and make adequate preparations for their study in universities in the future. SIFC provides more than 15 AP courses.


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