We are Fighting! SIFC Online Classes

At the beginning of this year, the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus swept across China. People immersed in the Chinese New Year atmosphere did not realize that 2020 would begin in such a way.

Firstly, we would like to happily tell you all that everyone at SIFC is healthy.

At present, there are no confirmed infections amongst all teachers and students at SIFC, and there are no suspected cases.

SIFC decided to start semester 2 on February 3, but we could not go back to campus on that day because of NCP. However, it will not destroy our faith and love for life. SIFC teachers have become "education anchors" to fight the epidemic in their own way, by continuing to teach students online. So, even though we cannot go to the campus, we will never stop teaching and studying.


Powerful Online Classroom System—ClassIn

SIFC uses ClassIn which is a powerful online classroom system.

ClassIn, the first online classroom in the world, is leading the rapid development of online education technology. ClassIn is used in nearly 30 countries around the world, with a variety of teaching tools; it is the most fully functional online teaching system on the market today. The functions include multi-person synchronous audio and video, interactive electronic blackboard, answering machine, responder, timer, homework, reward, quiz, grading, and etc. It also supports multi-interactive teaching courseware, including PPT, videos, Word, PDF, etc., which can perfectly support online teaching.




Our school admin can monitor the attendance of each teacher and student via ClassIn. Our principal, Dr. Mark, counselors and academic administrator are in the classroom at any time. Also, we have set online class rules for students to urge them to work hard.


All Teachers Teach Online


All teachers combine online learning resources and ClassIn to carry out teaching activities. Online classrooms can effectively deliver knowledge. Students can participate in classes actively by asking and answering questions. The online class timetable is the same as their school timetable. We hope that we can use this opportunity to develop students' time management and self-control ability. From 8:30 to 16:30 every Monday to Friday, teachers will give students online learning support. Online teaching this week has achieved initial success, almost all students have entered the state of learning, our school has basically achieved the expected effect of online teaching. 

Laurie Edmonstone / Art Teacher


It's been difficult to adjust to the many platforms and figuring out the best way to get student's work organized, but overall it's stretched me to be better as a teacher. I am trying new things and also working along side my students. They are getting the same lessons they normally would in class which is a relief! The biggest struggle is students not having many art supplies at home. Some don't even have colored pencils! They are limited, but it's not impossible  I have told them to do what they can, with what they have, where they are. This experience is teaching all of us problem-solving and resiliencey! 

Krishna Giri / Math Teacher



Online math classes are pretty interactive and engaging. I was little bit nervous with tech support when we began the online classes but now I find it is as good as teaching face to face. My only concern is how serious are our kids at the other end. If students take this seriously, it works as good as face to face teaching.

Lisa Daisy Bo / English Teacher


My G9 class this afternoon. So awesome, just like it usually is at the SIFC School. I miss my students so much but really enjoying this experience.


Lilian Li / Physics Teacher




Stella Zhao / PE Teacher



Brian Li / Science Teacher



Students had formed their own opinions on what scientists usually looked like and what they often did at workplace. They were given two task: draw what scientists look like, and draw what they would like to do as scientists in future. The goal is to elicit not only their perceptions on both questions but also to the fact that there are many fields where male and female scientists study.


Winson Gu / Music Teacher


Nothing can stop teaching and learning!在这个特殊的时期,我们的课堂以这种特殊的形式来适应进行,虽然不能像往常一样面对面生动地给学生教授课程,但是却给了更多的时间和机会让同学们“正确使用电脑”,通过网络课堂探索更多的学习资料。课堂的成功离不开同学们的共同努力与认真对待,这一点与面对面的教与学是无任何区别的。大家一开始可能无法想象我们的音乐鉴赏课和声乐课可以做什么,学校迅速安排全体师生使用ClassIn解决了我们所有的难题。直播式的课堂貌似为我们增加了一些门槛,但是运用更多的多媒体和线上功能来呈现学习结果,如歌曲录制、视频录制或论文提交的形式进行呈现,未必不是一个新颖且有效的渠道使我们的课程更加有趣地进行,反而也能让学生反复推敲自己的作品。


Angel Li / Chinese Teacher



The above are just some part of our onlinne classes, all SIFC teachers are working hard. Thank you all for this professionalism and dedication.

I believe at this moment, SIFC teachers are teaching online or busy preparing for  their next online lesson at home. Online teaching requires more work from teachers than usual to ensure that this new form of teaching really helps students learn. It's not easy to start from scratch, but it's worth the effort.

In the following days, we will carefully collect the feedback of students and parents, continuously enhance the effect of online teaching, strengthen the supervision and inspection of students' online learning, improve the diversity of exercises, to ensure that teachers successfully complete the teaching tasks and students achieve learning goals.


Students' works



▲ This is from part of works done by grade 10 students. It starts from winter holiday assignment. It helps prepare themselves for new semester and also expects them to appreciate the applications of chemistry in our daily life. Grade 10 student Genevieve made three posters to present us what she learned during the holiday about oxygen, water and protein.



▲ This is a study in anatomy and imagination. Students were asked to create thier own unique characters. Other students where asked to do interior perspective. 



▲ The Art teacher gave the students instructions one at a time. Such as, draw 5 circles any size. They followed each step and then we shared with the class. We discussed the similarities and differences. For instance, most people drew a grid, some drew abstract and others made images of real things.

During these tough days, we have been carrying out online teaching and research. We were unable to go to school on time but we delivered and attended online classes on time with the help of both teachers and parents. Let's  go forward hand in hand, waiting for the spring flowers.


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