Chief Executive of Nanshan District visited SIFC


Last week, Zeng Pai, Deputy Secretary, Chief Executive of Nanshan District, and Lian Cong, Vice Chief Executive of Nanshan District (and relevant responsible officials of Nanshan Culture and Sports Bureau, Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau and other units) came to SIFC to investigate the school's new facilities. SIFC Principal Fu Tengxiao had a meeting with Mr. Zeng and the other related officials.





▲ SIFC students warmly welcomed the leaders of Nanshan District  

▲ Campus tour 

Before the meeting, Mr. Zeng visited the campus and listened to the introduction of the overall planning and development of SIFC. At present, SIFC offers K-12 international primary and secondary school courses. 15 years of experience in running the school has yielded fruitful results. Founded in June 2004, SIFC is one of the oldest international schools in Shenzhen that has implemented international preparatory courses and American secondary courses. 


▲ The meeting 



▲Principal Fu spoke 

SIFC moved to the new campus near Xili University Town in August 2018. Principal Fu thanked the Nanshan District Government for its great support since the relocation of the school. He also introduced the development of our school in recent years to Mr. Zeng, and shared his own ideas and experience in running an international school.


▲ Zeng Pai spoke 


Zeng Pai praised the development of SIFC in recent years, especially this year as one of our students was admitted to the University of Chicago (the third-best University in the USA), which brings much honor to the whole district. Mr. Zeng said that Nanshan District is the scientific research and education center of Shenzhen and the gathering place of higher education and high-tech enterprises. He hoped that SIFC can develop in an all-round way, give full play to its advantages in running an international school and cultivate more international talents.


▲Group photo 


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