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SIFC Scholarship for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

SIFC annually provides scholarships and awards for eligible students and new students who apply for our school. The scholarship policy of SIFC has been awarded to students who have made outstanding performance in academic, personality and talent. The long-term impact of scholarship will encourage students to continue their efforts in various fields to achieve excellent performance, to build confidence and to achieve academic achievement. At the same time, the process of applying for a scholarship will also be helpful in preparing students for university application in the future.

The SIFC annual scholarship awarding ceremony for the 2017-2018 academic year was held on 3rd November. A total of 22 students were awarded scholarships at this academic year.

Student who can be award a scholarship selected by the scholarship evaluation committee in SIFC through their scholarship application materials, interview, and assessment of their interview results. Finally, to objectively evaluate the candidates and the final scholarship evaluation results are given after discussion.

Scholarship Level

Campus Scholarship Level C

Either Art or P.E. scholarship requires a score higher than 85 in corresponding subject, as well as an exemplary effect on other students. 

Campus Scholarship Level B

Category B scholarship requires a general score higher than 80, and a GPA no less than 3.5. Single subject scholarship winner should carry on his/her excellence in that area with active participation in school activities.

Campus Scholarship Level A 

Category A scholarship requires students to obey school regulations, and to continuously play a positive role in participating school activities and making contribution to school community.

In general, the selection criteria of SIFC scholarship as followed:

Behavior & Practice

Leadership in academic, extra-curriculum, or club activities

Self-discipline, compliance with school educational philosophy

Respect to others’ value and point of view

Confidence in communicating with others

Creativity and thinking to solve the difficulties of the school community

Exemplary behavior that helps shape the school’s positive academic atmosphere

Academic Performance

Excellent general academic performance (TOP5), active participation and leadership in academic activities inside and outside campus;

Extraordinary performance in a single subject field or other areas such as art, P.E., music, voluntary work, as well as in the competition of corresponding areas; active participation and leadership in corresponding activities inside and outside campus

Campus level A

Emily Wen (G10)

Luna Liu (G10)

Mandy Wang (G10)

Daniel Huang (G11)

Jason Guo (G12)

Campus level B

Alice Huang (G7)

Jerry Liu (G7)

Justin Miao (G7)

Will Li (G9)

Cindy Zhang (G9)

Kenny Du (G10)

Wendy Leng (G12)

Jimmy Li (G12)

Campus level C

Raymond Feng (G8)

Alisa Li (G8)

Asher Huang (G9)

Tom Tang (G9)

Kevin Huang (G11)

Xuan Zhang (G11)

Cisum Huang (G11)

Bob Zhang (G11)

Cecelia Long (G12)